How to bet on basketball – strategies for players

Basketball is often compared to hockey in terms of the degree of unpredictability and excitement. Basketball is very popular in North America and Europe. It is not strange that the world of gambling on this sport is developing rapidly more and more every day. In basketball, similar types of bids are used on other types of games, the only difference can boast of bids on horse racing, where there is a different specificity. This fact allows us to easily understand such a game and the field of gambling on it.

Corridors as a way to make money on basketball betting

If you are interested in the topic of making money on spectacular event, most likely you would learn how to do it correctly so as not to go into the minus of your own funds. In order to make money in basketball while others are playing on the field, you need to find the so-called corridors. What is it?

An illustrative example works

Corridor is a concept that represents the difference between two distinctive opposing bids on a specific basketball event. To understand this more precisely, we propose to understand it with an example. Suppose that two teams take part in the competition – A and B and we can see the following rates on them:

  • T1 160.5;
  • T2 165.5;
  • F1 (-5.5);
  • F2 (0).

We can clearly see that there is a difference of as much as 5 points between the first two points (T1 and T2). This is clearly called a corridor. If team A and B for two manages to score from 161 to 165, then both wages can play for you. However, if the number of points scored falls below the declared corridor, that is, below 161, then only the bet called T2 will pass. Similarly, we conclude that if the points exceed the middle and the value of 165, the bet on T1 will be played. This is with regards to such a bid as total.
We also offer to deal with the odds on the handicap. In the numbers presented, we can see a corridor with a difference of 7 points. By placing two bids on F1 and F2, if team A wins with a difference of 6 points or even more, you will have both wages. And similarly to the principle in total, the passage of one of the bids is calculated when points are scored above or below the declared corridor.

What is remarkable about this moment is that the line total can be easily met in the same bookmaker office and offer lines. However, things are not so simple with the handicap. Here middles cannot be represented in the same bookmaker’s office, which complicates the analysis and searches a little. But, it is the middle that is considered the most profitable strategy in sport gambling, so it would be worth it and you could be very lucky if you can find odds or total bids with a huge difference, which will greatly increase the chances that both bids made would win.

Basketball time match betting

This type of gambling, like a time-match, is also very popular among gamblers. Its essence lies in the fact that the gambler makes two predictions: the first on who will win after the first period, and the second on which team can win as a result of the entire meeting as a whole. That is, the outcome of the first half of the game and the entire game in general is used. Let’s also consider an example. Suppose that team A and team B are playing in the match. You have analyzed all the statistics and information and you are sure that team A can win in the first half of the match, but you want to place a second bet on winning the whole game and here you are counting on the team. B.
Usually, even if there is a clear favorite and an outsider in the match, the level of the smallest coefficient does not fall below 2.2. And with such a scenario, you have the opportunity to make high earnings, even if you bet on the victory of the same team both in the first half of the match and in the second.

Oscar Grind’s gambling strategy

A very interesting fact about basketball strategies is that despite a huge number of approaches, most of them lack an ultimate goal. But it is Oscar Grind’s strategy that is the exception to the rule. It has an ultimate goal, which is to increase the game bank by one unit. And it is the rate that should serve as this unit. To fully understand this approach, it should also be considered in practice.
Suppose you, as a player, have a $ 900 pot of your own. Based on this and all the information available, you place a bid of $ 100. That is, following the approach of Oscar Grind, your goal is to increase your assets in the amount of $ 100, that is, in the end you aim to bring the entire game bank to a round sum of $ 1000. If the bid hits, the goal would be achieved, but the question arises, what to do if the bet does not work. In this case, you should all strive to raise the game bank to a round sum of 1000 dollars, and for this we make a bet again, but it increases proportionally to 200 dollars. And in the case of a pass, the bid is realized and the goal of the approach is achieved.
The most important thing in this moment is the presence of common sense in your actions. Look for good odds and try to take as little risk as possible.

Experience and intuition are your everything

As with any form of sports, basketball changes every day, if not hourly. Therefore, the guarantee of a gambler’s success is 75% of information, reaction speed and 25% of pure luck and intuition.